Meldonium Olainfarm has a positive effect on energy metabolism of the body, increases working capacity, body endurance of physical and mental load, and easily activates the central nervous system.

Meldonium Olainfarm

Improves memory, concentration and movement coordination
Increases working capacity, body endurance of physical and mental load
Reduces the burden on the heart and brain during illness and recovery


Capsule should be swallowed whole, washing it down with water,
Adult dose is 500 mg per day. Daily dose 500 mg can be taken once a day in the morning or it can be divided into two doses. Due to possible stimulating effect it is recommended to take the product before noon.

Since January 1, 2016 included in the WADA list of banned substances, therefore, not be used for professional athletes.



Each Meldonium Olainfarm 250 mg capsule contains 250 mg of meldonium dihydrate.

Pirms lietosanas uzmanigi izlasiet instrukciju. Konsultejieties ar arstu vai farmaceitu par zalu lietosanu. Zalu nepamatota lietosana ir kaitiga veselibai.





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